We’ve removed our plastic spouts.

Starting this month, we’ve removed our plastcic spouts from our speciality white milk cartons. (Lactose Free Hi-Lo, Full Cream and Calcium Plus).

We’ve removed our plastic spouts thanks to your feedback. Our Senior Marketing Manager discussed some of the motives behind this move in her article Going Backwards to Move Forwards

Overwhelmingly your feedback was that the spouts were difficult to open, and brought more unecessary plastic into the world. We agreed.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the first cartons of Lactose Free Full Cream milk WITHOUT pouring spouts landing on shelves this week. Furthermore, our other specialty milks (Lactose Free Hi-Lo and Calcium Plus) will start to land on shelf in the coming weeks.

This move is part of our broder sustainability objectives. Over 90% of our current packaging is recyclable, and our goal is to reach 100% by 2020. For more information about our packaging and how to recycle it click here.

We were truly privileged to have receieved so much feedback from all of you who love our specialty milks. We hope this change demonstrates that your feedback is important to us, and we listen and act upon it.

Please keep the feedback coming, and we hope you remain with us on this wonderful journey as we work to do more and more for our planet.