About our farmers

Each year we collect milk from more than 50 farms in WA, all of which are owned and operated by WA families and businesses.

We have a strong and positive relationship with our farmers, and some of them have been in business with us for decades. Take a look below to find out what’s involved in a day of the life of a Brownes Dairy farmer. 

A day in the life of our farmers

There’s much more to do in the life of a WA dairy farmer than milking cows. Each and every farm is a business, so all farmers need the skills and knowledge to be able to run successful businesses.

While no two days on a dairy farm are the same, a farmer’s routine revolves around milking times and the time of year.

Fun Fact: Cows are creatures of habit, so they like to be milked at the same time every morning and afternoon.

After milking is finished each day, a farmer could be doing any number of other important tasks: Feeding livestock, fencing, going into town to buy supplies, sowing and fertilizing pastures and crops, making hay and silage and much more.

There is so much work that farmers do every day, that according to the National Centre for Dairy Education, they need over 170 skills to successfully run their farming business!


Why Dairy Matters

Discover what matters to real dairy farmers and learn about the Australian Dairy industry’s commitment to people, animals and our land. 


Where are our farms?

 All our milk comes from right here in WA. Find out where our farms are.


About our cows

The most important part of the whole operation. Without them, nothing could moooooove.


Sustainability on the farm

Farmers are caretakers of the environment. Find out just some of the things they do to protect WA’s natural habitat.


The Dairy

What happens to milk when it leaves the farm?