While the vast majority of our fresh WA dairy products are sold right here in WA, to WA families and businesses as well as within Australia, we also have a significant export capability through which we supply a number of international markets in our region

Our export network

Milk is a highly seasonal product, meaning more is produced at various times of the year than others. Because of climate differences, when Australia has an oversupply of milk, regions in South-East Asia have an under-supply, meaning we are in a unique position to supply the region when their demand is high and we have excess supply.

We have expanded our supply network in our region, and export to key partners in a number of countries including Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, China and Thailand.

While white milk forms a large component of our export business, we also export yoghurt, cheese and cream.

While WA is and always has been our home, our expanding export network shows just how far we’ve grown in 130 years from our origins as a small dairy farm in Shenton Park, WA.

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