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Why Brownes?


We are passionate about our people. Talented minds are what make us successful, so we recruit the brightest and the best to help us innovate and grow.

Our employees enjoy an inclusive and positive culture, as well as a wide range of benefits such as flexible working arrangements, corporate discounts, staff giveaways and much more.

Our Leadership Team

Tim McCaughey

GM - Procurement

David Wong

GM - International Sales

Matthew Higgins

GM - Sales

Nicole Ohm

GM - Marketing

Malgorzata Boratyn

GM - Product Development

Andrew Thomson

GM - Commercial

Julian Amistad

GM - Digital & IT

Rick May

GM - Production

Favourite thing about Brownes: “Being part of a historic business that always has its' eyes on the future” Favourite Brownes product: “Full Cream Milk, as it's great in my tea and coffee”

Joanne Edwards

Chief Financial Officer

Favourite thing about Brownes: "Everyone I work with truly cares about what Brownes represents and deeply passionate about its success and the part they play in it" Favourite Brownes Product: "I love the traditional yoghurt, it’s thick, creamy and delicious"

Natalie Sarich-Dayton

Chief Executive Officer

Favourite thing about Brownes: "A team and a company with unbelievable passion for innovation and development. Everyone genuinely believes in the business and its mission, and its refreshing to see. Favourite Brownes Product: Chocka Mocha CHILL, incredible taste and the right balance of chocolate and coffee".

Career Opportunities