For generations Western Australia has been our home, and its beautiful environment has provided the ecosystem that enables us to produce our delicious, natural dairy products. We depend on the environment for what we do, which is why we’re wholeheartedly committed to protecting it.

We have a sustainability committee within the business that meets regularly to develop policies and procedures to improve our footprint as a company.

Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO)

As actively committed signatories to the APCO, we report annually on our packaging sustainability strategies and constantly measure the volumes of packaging that we put into the market. We also develop initiatives to reduce and reuse our packaging, and encourage our consumers to do so too.


Our packaging

We provide handy recycling information on all of our eligible packaging, as well as the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Standards logo on our card-based packaging, to certify that they are responsibly sourced from certified forests or post-consumer (recycled) waste.


Reporting and monitoring sustainability

As well as our packaging reports, we provide annual reports on our water usage through the WEMP (Water Efficiency Management Plan), our energy consumption through the NGER (National Greenhouse & Energy Reporting) and our emissions through the NPI (National Pollution Industry).

Our suppliers

We always endeavour to find and use suppliers that are as committed to sustainability practices as we are, and source their products from responsible and renewable sources. We challenge all our suppliers to provide us with more sustainably sourced packaging and ingredients.

Our waste

As part of our ongoing commitment to reducing our waste, all of our packaging waste is collected and sent to two recycling centres in the Perth metro area, which have a great diversion from landfill rate. 

Additionally, where possible some of our food waste is taken to local businesses and turned into compost. 


Utilities usage

While we have made significant steps towards reducing our energy and water usage, we are always on the look out for ways and means we can reduce our utilities usage further. Over the last four years we have significantly decreased our electricity consumption, and our water use reduction measures have saved the equivalent of roughly 1333 backyard pools and counting!

Brownes in the community

We’re also committed to making sure we educate younger generations on the importance of sustainability and protecting our environment. In addition to our School Tours providing education on the dairy, where milk comes from and how it goes from farm to fridge, a large component of our School Tours curriculum focuses on the importance of the environment for the dairy industry and what we’re doing to help protect it.



Sustainability on the farm

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Our Suppliers

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