At Brownes Dairy, we have a strong reputation for maintaining the very highest standards of taste, quality, freshness and food safety in all our products.

Our sizeable dedicated quality department ensures that stringent standards are maintained in all our products through each stage of manufacturing, from raw ingredient sourcing through to finished product delivery.

All of our fresh WA milk is tested at our farms to ensure it meets the strictest grade 1 milk requirements and the quality team conduct in-line testing of our entire range.

We have a number of key licenses and accreditations that demonstrate our unwavering commitment to the highest quality in all our products:

Our dedication to quality has been commended time and time again

Across the entire Brownes Dairy product portfolio we have won dozens of awards in each of our categories. We’re extremely proud of the quality of our products, and how they have been recognised as some of the best in Australia.

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