Our Packaging

We’re extremely proud that vast majority of the packaging we use is recyclable, and we are actively working to make it 100% as soon as we can. We constantly challenge our suppliers to ensure that packaging we’re provided is sourced sustainably and is recyclable.

Take a look at where some of our packaging comes from below, and how you can ensure that it’s disposed of properly once you’re done with it.

Tetra Pak Plant-Based Cartons

  • The Tetra carton is a truly iconic pack in the Brownes Dairy portfolio. Products we package in Tetra include white milk, cream and flavoured milk. In fact, when we launched WA’s first chocolate milk in 1951 it was in a triangle shaped Tetra Pak! We’re also proud that from March 2022, our white milk cartons will transition to Tetra Rex Craft Plant-Based. We will be the first company in Australia to be using fully renewable and recyclable cartons in our packaging portfolio. To find out more click here.



Australian Packaging Covenant

2023 APCO Annual report and Action Plan

Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is a co-regulatory not-for-profit organisation leading the development of a circular economy for packaging in Australia. APCO’s vision is a packaging value chain that collaborates to keep packaging materials out of landfill and retains the maximum value of the materials, energy and labour within the local economy.


HDPE Bottles

Our HDPE bottles are our most used packaging, as they’re used for the majority of our white milk and for some of our flavoured milk. We source our HDPE bottles from Viscount Plastics, and like us they are a committed signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation and have a dedicated environmental policy.

How to recycle?

Ensure you wash out the bottle with water before putting it in your recycling bin. The caps need to be placed into general waste or taken to a Greenbatch drop-off point.

Yoghurt Pouches

Our delicious natural yoghurt pouches are a favourite with WA children, and ours are the only pouches in WA that are both made and sold here. We source our pouches from Scholle, who have a robust and comprehensive waste management and sustainability policy.

To find out more about the Scholle‘s sustainability policies, check out their website.


Yoghurt Tubs

Our yoghurt tubs are sourced from Alto, part of the Pact Group. The cardboard ‘fans’ on the outside of our yoghurt tubs are made from paper that is responsibly sourced, and every component of our 1Kg tubs is recyclable.

How to recycle?

Completely remove the foil lid and scrunch it into a tight ball (this helps with sorting in recycling facilities). Remove the fan from the 1Kg plastic tub and place the fan, tub and ball of foil into your recycling bin. Be sure to wash the tub out before you do to avoid contamination.

Unfortunately due to recent changes made by recycling centres, they no longer accept our 170g yoghurt or cream tubs. We are actively working on a solution.





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