Our Ingredients

As part of our commitment to care for our community, we constantly challenge ourselves and our suppliers to ensure that our packaging and ingredients are sourced sustainably and responsibly. While we use many different ingredients supplied by numerous companies, here are some examples of some of our largest suppliers.

Liquid sugar

While many of our products contain little or no added sugar, some of the sugar we use is sourced from Sugar Australia. Like us, Sugar Australia are a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation and are committed to sustainability and maintaining high ethical standards.

You can find out more about their sustainability measures on their website.



Much of the natural fruit we use, particularly in our yoghurts, is supplied by AGRANA Fruit Australia Pty Ltd. AGRANA are a valued supplier of Brownes Dairy due to their exceptional commitment to sustainability, conservation of resources and acting responsibly.

To find out more about AGRANA and their sustainability practices, head to their website.



Flavours help bring some of our delicious products to life.  For many of our products, we use the global resources of Givaudan to source natural and delicious flavour solutions that have been responsibly sourced.

Through their “Sense of Tomorrow” program Givaudan is committed to making the future a more sustainable one through shared value sourcing, innovating responsible, acting for the environment, people and partners. 

To find out more about Givaudan’s global sustainability measures, visit their website.


Natural flavours & ingredients

Our iconic flavoured milk range, Brownes Dairy CHILL, tastes as good as it does because of the great care we have taken to find and use natural flavours. Many of these natural flavours including banana, strawberry and Robusta coffee power are sourced from Ingredient Solutions Australia, who are based right here in WA.

For more information head to their website.



Who doesn’t love chocolate? Many of our delicious dairy products go perfectly with chocolate, and some even have chocolate in them! We get most of our cocoa from Invita Australia, who produce a number of different flavours, ingredients and other products used by artisans throughout Australia and New Zealand.

What is in our products?

We use many ingredients across our portfolio. Explore our product range below to find out what exactly is in our delicious products.



White milk




Flavoured Milk