In 2015 Brownes Dairy announced a new partnership with Australia’s most popular children’s entertainers in the second stage launch of its revitalised yoghurt range.
The Wiggles added their influential brand to the rejuvenated dairy product and created a song and music video specifically for Brownes, with each member of the group pairing with a different flavour.

This was the first time there had been an exclusive presenting partner for The Wiggles concerts in Perth. In another first for The Wiggles, they gave an exclusive performance for Brownes’ families at the Balcatta Dairy.

Brownes Marketing Director, Natalie Sarich-Dayton, said they also looked to their children for inspiration when deciding how to launch the new yoghurt range to market.

“I was watching the Wiggles on TV with my two daughters when I had this light-bulb moment: The Wiggles were THE perfect fit for the new yoghurt range.”

Wiggles Managing Director, Paul Field said it seemed natural to partner with Brownes Dairy.

“Our songs and videos have always encouraged children to make healthy choices and enjoy good food,” said Mr Field.

Today the partnership continues to strengthen with consumers now looking forward to the annual on-pack promotion ahead of the Perth concerts, as well as the latest Brownes Dairy/The Wiggles songs.

In 2019, the partners also announced that they would be working together to create a new range of lactose free no added sugar Wiggles Yoghurt Pouches.