Once again, the Mums from Brownes Dairy have put their heads together to develop a unique product in the flavoured milk space – a completely sugar and artificial sweetener-free drink that’s good for kids and parents alike.

Based on the insight that mums and dads are often constantly in a state of having to say ‘no’, whilst ultimately wanting their kids to learn and grow, the communications campaign shows kids finding their own way in life (for parents, a ‘hard yes’) while enjoying the ‘easy yes’ of milk that’s all natural, with no added sugar or nasties.

The TVCs all feature the actual kids of Brownes Dairy employees, and the natural filming style and graphic treatment continues the ‘Mums from Brownes Dairy’ creative theme.

Mel Wiese, Chief Strategy Officer at advertising agency Meerkats said, “The Natural Silence campaign was an award winner for us creatively, strategically and at the Effies. Building on success was made easier with the depth of the original insight. Having an authentic view into parenting: the struggles we all face to balance the silence and the noise, the yes and the no, the chaos and the joy, continues to be the beating heart of Brownes’ campaign. I think we all relate better to real, and having such strong strategic and creative talent at Meerkats working together, lets us get there quickly”

The spots launched with TV and online with pre-rolls in September 2017 with a mix of 15, 30 and 60 second film.

Brownes Dairy also extended their sponsorship deal with The Wiggles to include ‘A Hint Of’. The Wiggles spot followed the initial campaign and A Hint Of was the official drink for The Wiggles 2017 Perth tour.