Brownes Dairy Celebrates 25 years of CHILL.

This year, Brownes Dairy is proudly celebrating the 25th anniversary of its iconic flavoured milk range: Brownes Dairy CHILL. For 25 years, West Australians have been enjoying their favourite CHILL flavours from of the quintessentially West Aussie pack: the carton. To celebrate CHILL’s birthday, Brownes Dairy has recycled two CHILL classics: the retro Percolated Coffee CHILL carton, and the timeless barista ad “Coffee Coffee Coffee CHILL”, which was filmed 19 years ago.

Brownes Dairy Senior Brand Manager, Sam Martin, said that the idea to revive the old packaging and TV commercial was as a nostalgic throwback designed to celebrate CHILL’s roots as an iconic WA brand loved by generations of West Aussies. “CHILL drinkers are some of the most loyal fans in all of WA, and the purpose of this campaign is to thank everyone who is a loyal CHILL drinker for their years of support” Mr Martin said.

Mr Martin said that one of the most successful parts of the campaign was tracking down all of the actors and talent involved in the original commercial, 19 years later, to be a part of the 25 year celebrations. “We just couldn’t believe that in such a short space of time we were able to find everyone who was involved in the commercial 19 years ago. To bring them all to the Dairy to celebrate 25 years of CHILL with us, makes the celebration all the more special” Mr Martin said.

He added that to have Gary Taylor, who did the voiceover in the original commercial, do it all again for the renewed version of the commercial that will air from Australia Day, was a truly unique experience, and that it’s not every day a brand gets to celebrate its heritage using the same individuals that did it all 19 years ago. Not only were the talent all able to be tracked down for the 25 year celebration, but it was all possible because many of them were still friends, and remained in contact with each other.

“It really goes to show that one of the best things about CHILL is how it brings people together. We’re getting great feedback on social media, CHILL fans reminiscing with their friends and sharing memories.It’s so great that we were able to celebrate the special place that CHILL holds in all of our hearts” Mr Martin said.

The iconic CHILL commercial aired on television from Australia day and the Percolated Coffee CHILL packs are now on shelf for a limited time. Insert 1st page only from attached trade presenter Download the “Coffee Coffee Coffee CHILL” ringtone for your mobile here