Brownes Dairy has attributed the remarkable resurgence in the popularity of its yoghurt range to a group of mums working at the dairy, who took charge of developing the new product, based on what they felt their own children would enjoy and find nourishing day to day.

Until recently WA’s oldest dairy producer was struggling to hold its own against increased competition within the yoghurt market from the prolific range of local and imported products.

Brownes Marketing Director, Natalie Sarich-Dayton, said it had become apparent that the yoghurt range required a total transformation, from flavours and texture to the packaging. The team behind the new product innovation required was made of mums (including the marketing director) who workshopped the entire range to fruition.

“Our leading yoghurt maker and top food technologists are both mothers, as am I and other members of my team, “ Ms Sarich-Dayton said.

“So it made sense that we would be able to step up and carry this project and the results have been fantastic. We literally sat around the table together and decided what would work and what wouldn’t, if we tried to feed it to our own kids.”
What the NPD team on yoghurt came up with was a new range with better consistency and texture, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives that are gluten and gelatine free. Instead, the product is more simply created from WA milk, containing live cultures and real fruit.
The results certainly show that the group of mums at Brownes had the right idea.

“Sales of our new yoghurt range increased +25% since we launched to market, compared to the previous 12 months.”

And in what is a first for Brownes, the Dairy recently claimed the Champion title for Brownes Greek yoghurt at the 2015 Perth Royal Show Awards, along with winning the award for the highest scoring flavoured yoghurt, Brownes Mango and Passionfruit Yoghurt.

Launch of the new range was supported by the award-winning ‘A Natural Silence’ campaign: