In our technologically-driven lives, it’s easy to lose connection to the natural world, and especially the process of where our food comes from. Living in the suburbs, most of our food is conveniently available from our fridge or supermarket.

Although many adults take it for granted that milk comes from a cow, for some children, the idea that milk doesn’t start on a supermarket shelf can be a joyful revelation. It’s especially wonderful to witness the reaction when those children get the opportunity to meet and milk a real cow for the first time!

At Brownes Dairy, our free School tours provide a rare opportunity for young students (from Kindy to Year 6) to understand where milk comes from and how it is used to make other delicious dairy products. The 90-minute tour itinerary starts at the Brownes Dairy ‘milking shed’ where students are heartily greeted by Farmer Damian and a tour guide.

A short introductory ‘from moo to you’ video explains in a fun way how the milk is collected and delivered to shops to end up in your fridge at home. This is followed by a visit to the ‘innovation kitchen,’ where students learn about food safety and quality, enjoy a dairy taste-test and complete a dairy food experiment.

The children then witness technology at work as the milk bottles are filled and placed in crates ready for delivery. The undeniable tour highlight is getting to milk Farmer Damian’s Jersey cow, Betsy!

Due to popular demand, our award-winning, curriculum-aligned program is now available three days a week from Term 2, 2019

(Image: In 2017 we were awarded one of the Financial Review’s top 50 most innovative companies for our school tours)

To find out more, or to secure a booking date for a free school tour, please visit our school tours website at http://schooltours.brownesdairy.com.au/ to fill in the online booking form.

Farmer Damian and Betsy look forward to sharing the wonder of where milk comes from!