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A range of yummy yummy yoghurt pouches!

All parents of preschoolers have one thing in common: not leaving home without a lunchbox full of snacks to keep our mini humans happily grazing throughout the day.

We call this the Yummy Yummy Snack Box!

Now we have partnered with The Wiggles to bring you the perfect Yummy Yummy Snack Box addition: yummy and healthy little yoghurt pouches with no added sugar!

What’s so great about our yummy yummy pouches?

Our partnership
For the past four years, The Wiggles and Brownes Dairy have been enjoying a wonderful partnership. Ther eare many synergies between us, not least having family at the heart of our brands, valuing fun and movement and a shared desire to create and promote the most nutritious and best tasting food for little bodies.

We’re don’t just collaborate and we arent just partners: we’re family.

Why did we create this range?
Many of us at Brownes Dairy are parents and we live by the motto that if it’s not good enough for our kids, then it’s not good enough for yours. Dairy and yoghurt are an important nutritional building block in the early years, but not all yoghurt is created equally.

We recognised that whilst there are some products ticking some of the health boxes (e.g. no added sugar), no one is ticking all of our ideal boxes.

So we set about crafting our ‘perfect’ yoghurt for little growing bodies.

Are these pouches all natural?
Yes, all of our ingredients are all-natural and non-GMO, with nothing artificial. That means no nasties whatsoever: no artificial colours, artificial flavours or any preservatives.
No Added Sugar? Really!?
Yep! We are proud to introduce these pouches made specially for kids with NO added sugar! The tiny amount of max 4.3 grams of sugar in each pouch is naturally occuring in the whole milk and fruit. We have not replaced the sugar with anything whatsoever, not even stevia or other alternative sweeteners.
Why are they lactose free?
Australia has seen a steep increase in lactose intolerance and we have regularly been asked for a lactose free yoghurt solution. This range has been specially treated to remove lactose, giving your child the benefits and taste of dairy, whilst being gentler on the tummy.

How do we remove the lactose?

During the creation of our yoghurt, we add an enzyme called lactase. This lactase works to break down the naturally occuring lactose sugar in the milk, converting it into the simpler sugars: glucose and galactose. By doing this, it makes the yoghurt lactose free.

What is whole milk?
Whole milk is another name for full cream milk, just as nature intended. 100% of our fresh milk comes from healthy cows freely grazing in the pristine region of WA’s South West. We source from 50 local farms that provide their cows with pasture feed options all year round, resulting in delicious dairy.

  • Click HERE to see where our farms are located
  • Click HERE to learn more about our cows
What are Prebiotics and Probiotics?
Most of us know about probiotics; these are cultures which have been shown to aid in digestive health.

When it comes to prebiotics, however, many are unaware of their importance, or existence! Think of prebiotics as the food for your probiotics. This helps good bacteria (probiotics) to grow. Our yummy yummy Wiggles pouches are the only pouches for kids with both PRE & PRO-BIOTICS.

What probiotics are used in these yoghurts?
Not all yoghurts contain probiotics. Our yoghurts contain the strains Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus Casei (or ABC Cultures). These are well researched and viable cultures, meaning that they survive the journey from your mouth to tummy.

These probiotics have a long history of safe use and research shows that they can assist in immune function and can support digestive health by increasing regularity.

What do the numbers in the ingredients list mean?
Citric acid (330) and socium citrate (331) are required as acidity regulators to ensure that the pH of the fruit/vanilla bean sauces stay at a consistent level. This means the quality is the same in every pouch.
Are there bits in the yoghurt?
We have specifically designed our Wiggles pouches to have a smooth texture, as this is preferred by most young children – including our own kids.
I am a vegetarian, can I have this yoghurt?
Yes! Brownes Dairy yoghurts contain no gelatine and no other animal derived ingredients.
Is the yoghurt pasteurised?
All Brownes Dairy yoghurts are made with pasteurised milk.
Are they gluten free?
Yes. There is no gluten in any of our yoghurts, and no risk of cross contact from our dairy.

Because each of our Wiggles pouches are lactose free, they still taste yummy yummy, but they’re also much much gentler on little tummies. 

Emma Wiggle

If you’re a vegetarian, you can still enjoy our yummy yummy pouches! They contain no gelatine and no other animal derived ingredients.

Simon Wiggle

With no added sugar, these are the perfect addition to any lunchbox because your kids will love it, and you can feel good about giving it to them!

Lachy Wiggle

With the goodness of dairy and added pre and probiotics, our pouches are a great tasting way to improve your little humans’ digestive health!

Anthony Wiggle

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