The launch of our Australian-first Top Down yoghurt bottles made product and packaging headlines both nationally and internationally. Brownes Dairy pioneered the way for ever more convenient solutions to meet the nutritional and functional needs of WA families.

Mum and Registered Nutritionist at Sarah Moore Wellness, Sarah Moore, is involved with Brownes Dairy’s product testing and is proud to be a Brownes Dairy Mum.

“Brownes new Top Down bottles of yoghurt are a fantastic way to get more nutritious yoghurt into your day. It makes it so easy to let the kids take charge of adding calcium–rich yoghurt to their breakfasts and desserts,” Sarah said.

“Added to this are the benefits that Top Down Greek Yoghurt contains double the protein and 62% less calories than other cooking options, as well as live cultures to aid gut health.

“I love supporting companies like Brownes that make keeping the family healthy just that little bit easier.”