Lactose Free Hi-Lo Milk

Our Lactose Free Hi-Lo Milk, available in a 1L carton, is fresh milk straight from dairy farms in WA's South West. With the addition of the enzyme lactase, which breaks down lactose into easily digestible sugars, this contains all the nutritional benefits and taste of our regular dairy milk, and is gentler on sensitive tummies!

Nutritional information

Per Serving Size (250 mL): Per 100mL
Energy 485kJ 194kJ
Protein 8.8g 3.5g
Fat total 3.8g 1.5g
-saturated 2.3g 0.9g
-sugars 11.0g 4.4g
-Lactose 0g 0g
-Galactose 5.5g 2.2g
Sodium 95mg 38mg
Calcium 320mg 128mg


  • Reduced Fat Milk, Enzyme (Lactase).


  • 1L