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07 September 2018

Top Down Yoghurt - A Mini Life Hack

Lets talk honestly for a moment. Theres no doubt that time and energy are the most precious, limited commodity we have. These days, where busy-ness is almost a proof of vali...

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17 January 2014

Fire Relief

Like all Western Australians, the Brownes Family was anxious to provide support in whatever way we could, to those impacted by the devastating weekend bushfires in the Perth...

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Use Buy Date

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What is it all about?


Brownes invited all West Australians to make 3 November 2012 the Use Buy Date for all yoghurts imported into WA.

In a huge effort to make a stand for WA dairy farmers, people from all over the state brought in their empty imported yoghurt containers and pledged to only buy locally made yoghurt instead.

On Sunday 4 November 2012 our Managing Director Ben started driving a truck from Perth, through the South West, across the Nullarbor to the East Coast to give them back their empty yoghurt containers. 

Thank you to all the West Australians who have given their support so far and are helping us to preserve the WA Dairy industry and keep our products local! 

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