Our Farmers

The Duggans

brownes dairy farmers

"We started milking cows way back in 1940. The biggest challenge dairy farmers face is maintaining a viable industry with a realistic price so that West Aussies can continue to have fresh local products.

One of the fondest memories we have is seeing our first A1 calves being born and recognising their potential in our herd. We pride ourselves on being able to produce a quality product from well-bred and hand-reared cattle and we always welcome people to come down to our farm to see what dairy farming is all about."

The Halls

"Our sons are fifth generation dairy farmers. We've been at our current farm since 1973. We work 100 hour weeks, with an early start of 2:30am, 7 days a week. We love our cows and treat them well. We look forward to an exciting future with Brownes.

Our fondest memories are of raising our two sons on the farm with us, seeing them walk down the driveway to the dairy every afternoon to feed the calves. We take pride in running a successful business that has evolved from our family's early beginning and look forward to seeing our sons continue it."

The Italianos

brownes dairy farmers

"Our family started dairy farming 48 years ago when dad first purchased a farm in Harvey with 30 cows. In 1974 we purchased our current farm and together we run 210 cows. The current environment has been pretty tough with lower return on equity and three dry winters in a row. However, we pride ourselves on the new genetics coming through in our heifers, growing good quality grass and seeing the results in our vat.

We need people to see what it takes to get the product on the shelf and what goes into a day in the life of a dairy farmer. We really need West Aussies to support our local processors if we are to survive."

The Crimps

brownes dairy

"Our family has been dairy farming for 48 years. We produce a world quality nutritious food, fresh daily 365 days a year - milk that is turned into many different products that are essential for the health and lifestyles of West Australians.

One of the major challenges we face is the continual cost/price squeeze in our business. But on a lighter note, one of our most memorable moments on the farm was the birth of our children - the next generation of dairy farmers - and sharing our love of the land with them. We take great pride in raising healthy cattle and producing high quality milk while maintaining the environmental health and beauty of our land."