07 September 2018

Top Down Yoghurt - A Mini Life Hack

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Top Down Yoghurt Group Shot

Let’s talk honestly for a moment. There’s no doubt that time and energy are the most precious, limited commodity we have. These days, where busy-ness is almost a proof of validation, I’m all for streamlining the less important things in life so I can focus on the things that matter most (raising good kids, nurturing our marriage and a bit of self-care). We’re not talking about reckless corner cutting but more about simplifying what I can.


So for example, I recently discovered EMS. EMS is a newish 20min workout that means you don’t have to spend hours in the gym. Talk about the ultimate life hack! (Confession: I loved EMS but it has since fallen by the wayside). Another favourite short cut in our home is those dinner kit boxes that have popped up, spoiling us for choice. Fresh, local, healthy, exciting for the kids to help with, and best of all, no shopping and no wastage. We’re hooked.


It was over a Mexican fiesta dinner one evening that one of the fellow mums at Brownes Dairy came up with the idea of putting our yoghurt in a handy top down bottle. She wanted to add a neat line of Greek yoghurt to her burritos but there was no handy, quick and clean way of doing it. Inspired by the success of tomato sauce and mayonnaise in the Top Down format, Brownes Dairy Top Down Yoghurt was born!


When we shared the idea with our friends and family, we were delighted with their responses: ‘Handy for camping’, ‘great for cooking, ‘let the kids help themselves’, ‘pop it in the fridge door’. And so work began to make it happen! The result is our new fast, fun and convenient Brownes Dairy Top Down Yoghurt in Greek Style, Vanilla Bean & Strawberry.


The Greek variant has the added benefits of double the protein and 62% fewer calories vs other cooking creams, offering a healthier alternative.


To inspire your enjoyment of Top Down, there will be new usage occasions on our Facebook page every day throughout September. Don’t forget to let us know how you use yours @brownesdairy, we can’t wait to see your creativity.

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