13 June 2013

Since 1886...

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It’s throwback Thursday, so to celebrate we’re talking a stroll down memory lane.

Since 1886, generations of West Australians have enjoyed Brownes’ delicious products – something the rest of the country has always been jealous about.

But we want to know what you remember most about growing up with Brownes.

For many, it started with a trip to our Balcatta Dairy, an excursion that became an institution for a countless number of Perth school kids. Starting in the 1960s, Brownes’ factory tours taught students about how milk makes its way from the South West to their kitchen tables each day. They learned the simple and powerful truth that without WA Dairy farmers, there’s no fresh WA milk to enjoy.

For others, the image of coffee in a carton meant only one thing – Brownes Coffee Chill. These television ads were hugely popular in the 1980s and 1990s and had many people singing along “It’s all in the way the coffee’s percolated, that’s why nothing beats the taste of Brownes Coffee Chill.” Ahh, the memories!

Going even further back, some might remember when we first launched Brownes yoghurt in 1959. More than half a century later and our yoghurt range is still on the weekly shopping list of hundreds of thousands of West Australians and growing in popularity.

Big hair, glam rock and spandex – the 1980s were also a big decade for Brownes – we celebrated our 100th birthday.  What a milestone!

We’d love to hear what you remember about growing up with Brownes. After all, Perth is and will always be a Brownes Town!


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