11 October 2013

Flavours of WA

Made fresh by Brownes Dairy, and filed under General

Flavours of WA Blog Post ImageWe love Western Australia – we love celebrating all the fantastic things that make our state the great place that it is.  That’s what our new Flavours of WA Campaign is all about.

No doubt some of you will have already seen the ads popping up around Perth and from Sunday, the TV commercial will be on air state-wide. 

From Rusty Gates, to FIFO, to Quokkas, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating the cultural flavours of WA and the amazing flavours of Brownes Chill, made from fresh Western Australian milk from the farmers of the South West.

And as always, there’s an important truth behind the fun, colour and irreverence of this campaign - remember that ever litre or milk that is sold from the eastern states could instead be coming from Western Australian farmers, growing our industry and economy. 

So we hope you will love celebrating the Flavours of WA as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you, and in the process, help us stop foreign, flavoured milk from the Eastern States from invading WA.

Create your own Flavour of WA here.

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