24 June 2013

Winter in Southwest WA...

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It’s official. Winter is well and truly upon us and for those hard-working dairy farmers in the South West, the change in temperature brings with it some seasonal challenges.  

Did you know it’s only a myth that when cows are milked in winter ice-cream comes out? You learn something new every day!

Something that isn’t a myth, however, is that cows use more energy to keep warm during the cold winter months and this can sometimes have an impact on how much milk they produce. Production can also be affected by the time of year a mother cow is calving. Cows carrying a calf in winter produce more milk during this time and less milk once the calf has been born. Similarly, a cow calving in spring is likely to produce a lot less milk by the following winter. This means that farmers must manage their calving and feed systems to ensure a balanced year-round supply.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to spend a night on a dairy farm in the South West you’ll know how cold it can get around this time of the year. In fact, the coldest place in WA by average maximum temperature is Albany in the Great Southern. It’s so cold around there that it sometimes snows!

So when you’re cuddled up in bed, spare a thought for farmers like the Ravenhill family from Albany who rise and shine at 3am each morning to make sure we’ve got plenty of great tasting WA milk in our fridges. Thanks guys!


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13 June 2013

Since 1886...

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It’s throwback Thursday, so to celebrate we’re talking a stroll down memory lane.

Since 1886, generations of West Australians have enjoyed Brownes’ delicious products – something the rest of the country has always been jealous about.

But we want to know what you remember most about growing up with Brownes.

For many, it started with a trip to our Balcatta Dairy, an excursion that became an institution for a countless number of Perth school kids. Starting in the 1960s, Brownes’ factory tours taught students about how milk makes its way from the South West to their kitchen tables each day. They learned the simple and powerful truth that without WA Dairy farmers, there’s no fresh WA milk to enjoy.

For others, the image of coffee in a carton meant only one thing – Brownes Coffee Chill. These television ads were hugely popular in the 1980s and 1990s and had many people singing along “It’s all in the way the coffee’s percolated, that’s why nothing beats the taste of Brownes Coffee Chill.” Ahh, the memories!

Going even further back, some might remember when we first launched Brownes yoghurt in 1959. More than half a century later and our yoghurt range is still on the weekly shopping list of hundreds of thousands of West Australians and growing in popularity.

Big hair, glam rock and spandex – the 1980s were also a big decade for Brownes – we celebrated our 100th birthday.  What a milestone!

We’d love to hear what you remember about growing up with Brownes. After all, Perth is and will always be a Brownes Town!


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15 May 2013

Filming Wrapped on Save WA Dairy!

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Not even wild storms in Perth last week could stop filming on the ads in the next phase of our Use Buy Date campaign.

The stars of the commercials aren’t paid actors but ordinary people from suburbia who are as passionate as Brownes is about locally produced milk.

You might remember: last month we put the call out to WA to tell us why you care about keeping WA dairy alive. The quality of the response was phenomenal, and with a select group chosen to front our cameras.

As the rain fell this week, our film crew travelled from Ellenbrook to Rockingham, the Western Suburbs to the city’s East to capture these messages of support for the new ads to help save WA dairy.

We have been blown away at Brownes by how many people are as passionate as we are about maintaining a strong, local industry, even if you have to pay more to enjoy locally produced dairy.

And before you go – how about this for a fun fact: a dairy cow drinks 100 litres of water a day!


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03 May 2013

Calling all WA Dairy Supporters!

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It’s been a huge week for the Brownes team as we gear up for the next phase of our award winning Use Buy Date campaign.  Not giving too much away yet but let’s just say it involves the city folk sending a huge message of support to our amazing Brownes dairy farmers.

We asked the people of Perth to tell us why they’re passionate about saving WA Dairy and we were overwhelmed with the response we got.  Auditions have happened, we’re selecting the cast, and filming will be underway in a matter of days.

We know our farmers will take a great deal of heart and encouragement from the messages of support they are going to receive.  The cold hard truth is that without farmers, there’s no milk and we must as a community, be committed to saving WA dairy.

So, in the coming weeks, we’ll introduce you to the people who have been selected as the most passionate supporters of WA dairy. You’ll soon see these people on your television screens as they help broadcast a message of support to our farmers,

And if that’s not enough excitement, we spent the day with V8 Super Car champ Garth Tander this week, when he dropped in on Scott River Farmer Brad Boley.  Brad is one of our biggest producers of milk and a mad keen motorsport fan. Garth got to see how a dairy farm works, and even had a go at milking a cow.  Tune in to Channel Seven’s V8 Coverage from 11am this Saturday to see the story. We know you’re going to love it! If you can get out to Barbagallo this weekend the Chill Perth 360 is going to be a fantastic weekend.  See you there !

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26 April 2013

Save WA Dairy

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Save WA Dairy

Some of you will have by now seen the call we’ve put out to take part in the next phase of our campaign to Save WA Dairy.

Remember last year, when our Managing Director Ben led a team from Brownes who drove 10,000 empty “foreign” yoghurt cartons back to Victoria? We were really excited to see the entire WA community get behind them and our amazing Brownes farming families, who took a quick break from milking to appear in our ad campaign. 

Now it’s time for phase two. We have invited passionate WA dairy supporters to send a message of hope and encouragement to our farmers through our next TV commercial.

Since we put the call out, we have been overwhelmed by the heartfelt messages of support we’re received. We know our farmers will feel the same way.

The simple truth is, no farmers, no milk. It’s vitally important that our farmers are able to secure a fair return from the market for the milk they produce.  This is a fundamental part of the Brownes philosophy and a cause we are proud to champion, under the leadership of our Managing Director, Ben.

So this weekend we’ll be meeting and talking to some of our dairy supporters and soon, the ads will be in production.

We can’t wait to share them with you and send a message of hope and encouragement to the dairy farming families of WA.


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