07 September 2018

Top Down Yoghurt - A Mini Life Hack

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Top Down Yoghurt Group Shot

Let’s talk honestly for a moment. There’s no doubt that time and energy are the most precious, limited commodity we have. These days, where busy-ness is almost a proof of validation, I’m all for streamlining the less important things in life so I can focus on the things that matter most (raising good kids, nurturing our marriage and a bit of self-care). We’re not talking about reckless corner cutting but more about simplifying what I can.


So for example, I recently discovered EMS. EMS is a newish 20min workout that means you don’t have to spend hours in the gym. Talk about the ultimate life hack! (Confession: I loved EMS but it has since fallen by the wayside). Another favourite short cut in our home is those dinner kit boxes that have popped up, spoiling us for choice. Fresh, local, healthy, exciting for the kids to help with, and best of all, no shopping and no wastage. We’re hooked.


It was over a Mexican fiesta dinner one evening that one of the fellow mums at Brownes Dairy came up with the idea of putting our yoghurt in a handy top down bottle. She wanted to add a neat line of Greek yoghurt to her burritos but there was no handy, quick and clean way of doing it. Inspired by the success of tomato sauce and mayonnaise in the Top Down format, Brownes Dairy Top Down Yoghurt was born!


When we shared the idea with our friends and family, we were delighted with their responses: ‘Handy for camping’, ‘great for cooking, ‘let the kids help themselves’, ‘pop it in the fridge door’. And so work began to make it happen! The result is our new fast, fun and convenient Brownes Dairy Top Down Yoghurt in Greek Style, Vanilla Bean & Strawberry.


The Greek variant has the added benefits of double the protein and 62% fewer calories vs other cooking creams, offering a healthier alternative.


To inspire your enjoyment of Top Down, there will be new usage occasions on our Facebook page every day throughout September. Don’t forget to let us know how you use yours @brownesdairy, we can’t wait to see your creativity.

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17 January 2014

Fire Relief

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Like all Western Australians, the Brownes Family was anxious to provide support in whatever way we could,  to those impacted by the devastating weekend bushfires in the Perth hills.  

Early on Monday morning, we contacted the Rapid Relief Team to offer our support and since then, have been making daily (sometimes twice daily) deliveries of much needed fresh and flavoured milk, orange juice, yoghurt and other products to the main evacuation centre in Swan View, as well other locations as needed.  It is in times like this that Western Australians show what we are made of, by supporting each other and doing our bit to help our mates and the wider community. 

Brownes is a proudly Western Australian company and we will continue to support as long as the Rapid Relief Team tell us we’re needed.

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11 October 2013

Flavours of WA

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Flavours of WA Blog Post ImageWe love Western Australia – we love celebrating all the fantastic things that make our state the great place that it is.  That’s what our new Flavours of WA Campaign is all about.

No doubt some of you will have already seen the ads popping up around Perth and from Sunday, the TV commercial will be on air state-wide. 

From Rusty Gates, to FIFO, to Quokkas, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating the cultural flavours of WA and the amazing flavours of Brownes Chill, made from fresh Western Australian milk from the farmers of the South West.

And as always, there’s an important truth behind the fun, colour and irreverence of this campaign - remember that ever litre or milk that is sold from the eastern states could instead be coming from Western Australian farmers, growing our industry and economy. 

So we hope you will love celebrating the Flavours of WA as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you, and in the process, help us stop foreign, flavoured milk from the Eastern States from invading WA.

Create your own Flavour of WA here.

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25 September 2013

It's Showtime!

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It's Showtime Blog Image
It may only be September, but with just 3 sleeps until the Perth Royal Show, we reckon it already feels more like Christmas.

It goes without saying, the Royal Show is one of our favourite events of the year. Not only are we able to showcase our range of award-winning products, but more importantly, we get to meet you – our customers, friends and fellow West Australians. 

For most visitors to the Claremont Showgrounds these school holidays, a trip to Brownes Dairy Pavilion is top of their to-do list. Here people can sample our iconic Chill and Shake N Shake flavours, as well as taste Brownes delicious yoghurt range. Just make sure you leave room for all the other tasty food at the show!

But in true Royal Show spirit, the fun doesn’t end there! Inside the IGA Pavilion, Perth celebrity chef Herb Faust will be cooking up a storm with Brownes products made by local farmers right here in Western Australia. Visitors will also have the opportunity to sample the newest flavours in Brownes’ West N Fresh gourmet yoghurt range and try our revamped juice varieties. So why not pop in and say hello to Herb and the rest of the Brownes team.

Not only is the Royal Show a great family day out, but it’s also a chance for the kids to learn something – and that’s exactly what they’ll do inside the Farm 2 Food Pavilion. Here, youngsters will be able to try their hand at milking on one of our specially-built replica cows.

It’s the perfect way to learn about how milk reaches the supermarket shelf and will also provide a lasting memory of the time they became a real-life dairy farmer!

For those who don’t want to get their hands dirty, daily milking demonstrations will be held at the Brownes Milking Station, just like we’ve been doing for decades.  

So if you’re heading down to the Claremont Showgrounds anytime from September 28 – October 5, stop in to Brownes Town and say g’day to the whole Brownes team. We can’t wait to see you!  

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25 September 2013

Now Playing: Save WA Dairy

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After much anticipation, we’re very excited to announce our latest campaign to save the WA dairy industry is now airing on TV’s across WA!

Many of you will remember earlier this year when we issued a call to find the most passionate supporters of the WA dairy industry. It was all about sending a message back to our hard-working farmers in the South-West to let them know that the people of Perth are behind them.    

In a massive show of defiance to those companies who choose to import Eastern States’ dairy products, thousands of everyday West Australians turned out to declare themselves ambassadors of WA dairy. A lucky few were then selected to broadcast their message of encouragement back to WA farmers. They’re West Aussies from every walk of life - young, old, families, parents, brothers, sisters and friends. People like Madeline Abbot and Robert Lorrimer from Ascot, the Rickett family from Ellenbrook and Cameron Powell from Scarborough.

While these people don’t know each other and have probably never met, they all share something in common – they recognise that without the hard work of WA’s dairy farmers, there would simply be no milk. It’s vitally important that our farmers are able to secure a fair return from the market for the milk they produce. This is the cornerstone of Brownes’ philosophy and a cause we are proud to champion.

Imported dairy products are hurting WA farmers – that’s the cold, hard truth. So with the help of our WA dairy ambassadors, we’re issuing a call to arms to all proud West Australians to buy local and support your State. This is one of the messages that our stars of the screen are now relaying on television and online around the State this week.

In case you missed our first ad of Save WA Dairy, here it is for you to watch and share!

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